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04 Jul

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but after half a dozen experts over the course of my life tried to teach me, I finally learned to knit this spring. Much thanks to the intarwebs and sekimori, I finally have a useful addiction. And I hardly punched holes in anything while learning. Mostly.

Anyway, in googling my new obsession, I found another curious pastime. Dyeing yarn with food-grade dyes. Kool-aid, frosting tints, easter egg pellets. There are several methods, and I think I’ve tried them all now. You need heat and acid — luckily kool-aid has lots of citric acid in it, so you don’t need to add any, you just need to heat it.

For my first attempt, I put a corningware dish on the stove with hot water and yarn and just carefully sprinkled in kool-aid. This is lemonade and pink lemonade:

Keep it nice and hot (but not boiling) for a while, and when the water is clear and the colors look right, take the yarn out of the water and toss it in a colander to air cool.

When it’s room temperature, rinse it with warmish water and hang it to dry.

This is how my first attempt dried, and how it finally turned out:

I’ve done a few more since then, and knitted a few up together (since I was making small batches)

So, there you go. How I spent my summer vacation.