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14 Aug

I find this whole thing bizarre, because he obviously doesn’t want the job. It’s far too time-intensive and adoration-deficient. So what is he doing? I guess we’ll find out.

On the other hand, I’d love to see him as Secretary of State. What?!


Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Verdict

05 Jul

I’ve never followed a whole trial before, from jury selection through prosecution and defense to verdict. I only watched bits of the OJ trial, even though I lived in the LA area at the time. But the media here, and especially Bay News 9 — which I’ve always used for white noise since I moved here — covered it constantly, televised it every day and did recaps all night.

When I heard the prosecution, I was sure they were going to fry her — but in the end, I couldn’t follow the chloroform bit. So I doubt the jury could either. Someone googled it, and how to make it (huh?), and it was found in the trunk of the car, but why in the hell would you use chloroform on a two-year old? Did Caylee know judo or something? She’s maybe 30 pounds, why not just use a pillow? Or, say…

Duct tape.

I don’t get why they didn’t make a bigger deal of the duct tape. That’s your smoking gun, but nobody even mentioned it in the first week. Like the medical examiner said, there’s no reason for duct tape to be on the mouth and nose of a baby. Why complicate the story with confusing chemicals?

Once the prosecution was done and the defense started… Well, first of all, Jose Baez is an idiot. Did this guy actually pass the bar? Canine search evidence is silly because dogs can’t speak English? Really? But it started bothering me that the prosecution was done, and they had mostly focused on Casey’s jacked-up behavior. Which, admittedly, was damning. But not giving a shit that your baby’s dead isn’t a felony. Partying, tattoos, obvious glee. Yes, she’s a douchebag. But they don’t execute you for that.

And seven women on the jury? Lord have mercy, people. Even if a few of them were supposedly “pro-death penalty,” this is a defense team’s dream. If Baez is an idiot, the prosecution should be rolled out of town for allowing seven (SEVEN!) women on that jury.

When it comes down to it, the prosecution’s two closing arguments should have been reversed. That’s the only thing that could’ve helped in the end. Ashton was all evidence: This is the bag she was found in. It’s part of a set. Here’s the matching piece, which was in the Anthony house. This blanket was wrapped around her. It’s part of a set. Here are the matching pillows and crib bumper, which were in the Anthony house. This is the tape that was over her nose and mouth. The rest of the roll was in the Anthony house. Evidence.

Burdick, whom I confess to sort of loving in this trial, went second and focused almost entirely on Casey’s behavior. Ending with photos of her partying and a close-up of the “Bella Vita” tattoo. All good things to consider, but not hard evidence. And if I had time, in my busy life, to realize that being the world’s worst mom isn’t a capital crime — then the jury must have gone back to sequester thinking it every day.

That’s my only guess. Should’ve left the jury with hard evidence, not just bad behavior. Don’t know if it would have made a difference.


Story of My Life

29 May

I remembered every single word of this, after not hearing it for 20+ years. But I have to look up my office phone number if I need it.



28 Apr

I just have to tell everyone in the world how much I love this tie. Which is weird, because I normally really dislike striped ties, but this one is just so cool.

I think it probably reminds me of this. Apologies to Randy Jackson for the bizarre screencap.

If you’re not watching Idol this year — and I swore I wouldn’t — they’re down to the final five (after tonight) and it’s a very eclectic bunch. One guy sang a Judas Priest song in week one, and they’re still saying he might win. There’s an old school country boy who looks uncannily like a 16 year old George W Bush. A bushy, bearded guy who’s channeling Cab Calloway — he even plays the standup bass on stage. A cute as a button “gospel” singer with killer style. And two girls: a growly spitfire and a very talented but vaguely generic teenager who doubts herself (I’m guessing the latter will be gone after tonight).

They’re freakishly talented and willing to take odd chances. So if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure, this is the time to start watching. I won’t tell anyone.


Mmmmm, retro

23 Nov

Unbelievable. Something has finally made me want an ipad.

And then I got over it. But it’s still a really cool idea.



31 Oct

Just for the record: After the season finale of Project Runway, a website called SeenOn sells all of the final pieces. They’ve only been doing this for two seasons, I think, but you, the viewer, can buy the actual dresses that the final three send down the actual runway at Fashion Week.

And this season, every outfit that Mondo designed, sold out — most within the first twelve hours or so (they’re between about $400-900, and size mostly 2-4, but one-of-a-kind originals.) When they closed the store, only two of Gretchen’s outfits had sold. The two cheapest, by the way, but with the boldest necklaces. Which she admits someone else forged for her. I still don’t understand why they gave April’s spot to her.

Just saying.

If I ever need a formal dress, Mondo’s definitely on my short list, with Chris March and Laura Bennett. Not necessarily in that order.

Boho is dead. Thank god.


Don’t expect it to happen again…

28 Sep

On a lighter note, Saturday Night Live actually did something funny this weekend.

It’s funnier if you’ve seen the previous it’d-be-offensive-if-it-weren’t-so-desperate skits of Patterson in the past, but still pretty brilliant as a stand-alone skit. I giggled through almost all of it.

(via Hot Air)


The Good Old Days

27 Sep

Just a friendly reminder that the Muppets didn’t always hate/fear the female form:

Kermie’s face in the Elke Sommer one cracks me up.

Ok, ok. One more Raquel Welch for the road…

And yet, somehow, my generation wound up more balanced (and less slutty) than any generation since… I wonder why that is…

Also, holy cow, Rita Moreno.

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