31 Oct

Just for the record: After the season finale of Project Runway, a website called SeenOn sells all of the final pieces. They’ve only been doing this for two seasons, I think, but you, the viewer, can buy the actual dresses that the final three send down the actual runway at Fashion Week.

And this season, every outfit that Mondo designed, sold out — most within the first twelve hours or so (they’re between about $400-900, and size mostly 2-4, but one-of-a-kind originals.) When they closed the store, only two of Gretchen’s outfits had sold. The two cheapest, by the way, but with the boldest necklaces. Which she admits someone else forged for her. I still don’t understand why they gave April’s spot to her.

Just saying.

If I ever need a formal dress, Mondo’s definitely on my short list, with Chris March and Laura Bennett. Not necessarily in that order.

Boho is dead. Thank god.


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