election night

02 Nov

8:15 I watch MSNBC so you don’t have to. They say “the magic number is 40.” Heh. And that Virginia-11 is the most liberal district, so keep an eye on it.

8:40pm Huh. I’ve heard “pundents” many times, but I’ve never heard “pundates” (pund-eights) before. Thanks, Bay News 9!

10:56 MSNBC is saying the republicans will gain 47, and that they should have done much better considering how badly Obama sucks. Ok, that’s a paraphrase, but the “should have done much better” part is fairly verbatim, so interpret the second half as you will.

11:30 pm Fiorina and Whitman are both ahead right now, but Boxer and Brown have already been called. Not saying they’ll win, just saying. (I saw this in 2000, when Gore was called for FL.)

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