28 Apr

I just have to tell everyone in the world how much I love this tie. Which is weird, because I normally really dislike striped ties, but this one is just so cool.

I think it probably reminds me of this. Apologies to Randy Jackson for the bizarre screencap.

If you’re not watching Idol this year — and I swore I wouldn’t — they’re down to the final five (after tonight) and it’s a very eclectic bunch. One guy sang a Judas Priest song in week one, and they’re still saying he might win. There’s an old school country boy who looks uncannily like a 16 year old George W Bush. A bushy, bearded guy who’s channeling Cab Calloway — he even plays the standup bass on stage. A cute as a button “gospel” singer with killer style. And two girls: a growly spitfire and a very talented but vaguely generic teenager who doubts herself (I’m guessing the latter will be gone after tonight).

They’re freakishly talented and willing to take odd chances. So if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure, this is the time to start watching. I won’t tell anyone.


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